Vitality & Vigour

By Teaology


If you're in need of an energy boost that tastes amazing, then Vitality & Vigour Herbal Tea is for you. Green Mate, known for its caffeine-like compound mateine, is combined with a truly invigorating blend of Lemongrass, Spearmint, Ginseng, Gingko and Nettle. The result is a delicious herbal tea that gives you that kick when you need it.

This blend enhances physical endurance by improving circulation increasing cognition and mental clarity whilst reducing brain fog. It helps to regulate blood sugar levels, aids digestion and speeds up the metabolism - thus also aiding in weight loss.

Drink regularly to gain maximum nutritional effect

1-2 teaspoons per cup 

Green Mate, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Ginseng, Gingko, Nettle, Cornflower, Calendula and Sunflower petals

Brazil, Thailand, USA, Hungary, Italy, Poland

Up to 2500ft above sea level

Contains Mateine
Coarse cut herbs and fruit
Fresh Herbal notes with fresh spearmint

BAG 40g NET 
Makes 20 - 40 standard cups of tea depending on personal strength of brew

Makes 5 - 10 standard cups of tea depending on personal strength of brew

Health Benefits

  • Fennel

    + The amino acid histidine and iron helps prevent anaemia

    + Aids digestion

    + Prevents bad breath

    + Aids constipation and bloating

    + Helps eliminate LDL cholesterol 

    + High concentrations of flavonoids, alkaloids, and phenols, inhibit the growth of tumours 

    + Regulates blood pressure

    + Improves brain function

    + Treats diarrhoea

    + High concentration of amino acids, polyphenols xanthines, caffeoyl derivatives & saponins

    + Phytoestrogens found in Anethole helps treat Renal Colic

    + Antispasmodic qualities helps to soothe muscles

  • Ginko

    Helps prevent neurodegenerative diseases

    + Schizophrenia

    + Premenstrual syndrome

    + Helps with blood flow to the brain

    Helps with blood pressure

    Altitude sickness

    Erectile dysfunction



    Reduces and attacks cancer cells

    Helps to manage attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

    Macular degeneration

  • Ginseng

    Treats hypertension

    Helps with weight loss

    Reduces and attacks cancer cells

    + Reduces brain fog

    Helps with sexual dysfunction

    + Eases premenstrual symptoms

    Improves digestion

    Anti-aging properties

    Helps with dry skin

    Clears respiratory system

    Helps boost immunity

    Stabilises blood sugar levels

    Helps with chronic pain

    Helps prevent neurodegenerative diseases

    Helps detoxify blood

    Prevents strokes

    Reduces stress

  • Green Mate | Yerba Mate

    High concentration of chlorogenic acid: 
      - Reduces and attacks cancer cells
      - Destroys bacteria
      - Clears arteries; promotes a healthy heart
      - Lowers blood pressure
      - Lowers cholesterol
      - Helps with diabetes

    + High concentration of antioxidants; reduces oxidative stress

    + High concentration of amino acids, polyphenols xanthine’s, caffeoyl derivatives and saponins

    High amounts of minerals and vitamins (potassium, zinc, chromium, copper, iron, aluminium, nickel manganese, phosphorus, sodium, nitrogen, Vitamins A, C, E )

    Promotes healthy gastrointestinal tract 

    Improves digestion

    Promotes healthy heart

    Lowers LDL cholesterol

    Lowers blood pressure

    + Reduces brain fog

    Increases cognition and mental clarity

    Helps regulate glucose levels for Type 2 Diabetes



    Good source of natural energy (with the aid of caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline)

    Promotes weight loss and fat metabolism

    Fights and prevents osteoporosis by increasing bone density

    Helps to manage attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

    + Enhances physical endurance and reduces lactic acid buildup 

  • Nettle

    Aids anaemia

    + Helps with high blood pressure

    + Rheumatism

    + High blood pressure

    + Helps relieve arthritis

    + Prevents coughs & colds

    + Eases congestion

    + Aids and prevents urinary tract infections

    + Relieves kidney & bladder problems

  • Spearmint

    Boosts immune system

    Helps with nausea 

    Eases bloating and cramping


    Aids digestion and constipation

    Helps to balance hormone levels

    Reduces hirsutism

    Improves memory

    High in antioxidants

    Helps soothe a colicky baby

    Prevents fungal infections

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