When you find out you are pregnant
so many things become a no go


- it feels like all the fun stuff
are now off the table.
This is more than likely the time you start looking for alternatives such as health foods, drinks and supplements and in this age, we are so used to being able to Google everything and get an answer
- and when you are expecting you seem to be double checking everything!

In regards to pregnancy a high intake of caffeine is not recommended as it can pass through to the baby, so many people give up coffee (or at least reduce their consumption). This comes with its own set of problems such as the caffeine withdrawal, the coffee routine and the experience of a nice hot drink.
After water, tea is still the world’s most widely consumed beverage.
It replaces the coffee habit, it is tasty and delivers some pretty great health benefits.

The health benefits are specifically important for pregnant women as many experience fatigue, nausea, low immunity and struggle to sleep.
Being able to take a specific tea daily, that can help to deliver some nutritive benefits back to the body is a wonderful way to keep well and stay well both
during pregnancy and after the birth.

A cup of tea can mean so many things - it is a time to take a break, it can be time for you to look after your mental well-being or your physical health and it’s a relaxing ritual that you can enjoy anytime throughout the day.

Herbal tea is the earliest form of herbal medicine and interestingly it is still the most used method. Although we often think of it as just a drink - it is actually much more than that. It is a hot water extraction of medicinal plants and with digestive issues on the rise, this is where tea can excel. When herbs are extracted in hot water their volatile oils are absorbed back into the water which makes them more easily assimilated. This is important when we are unwell as our capacity for absorption is already reduced.
Finding what herb to pick can be difficult and this is where Google becomes a problem. Type in a herb and it can come up with a raft of information on whether it is safe with medications or in pregnancy. The thing with this method is that the information found can sometimes be extreme and often very anxiety provoking - especially for new mums or mums to be.

ABSOLUTELY there are herbs that are not safe in pregnancy,
but the difference with most herbal teas is that because they are
delivered as a hot water extraction it changes their potency.
Although herbal tea has a higher safety rating than others, it is important to note that this can also be related to its dosage. If one was to drink litres of herbal tea it could cause concern, so be responsible with what teas you choose to buy and consume - and also be mindful of the recommended dose. It is there for a reason!
Often when you are looking at a herbal medicine or product it should
tell you if it is suitable for your condition - if in doubt contact a
registered medical herbalist and they can assist.

The main thing to remember is there are great alternatives to coffee, ones that give a multitude of health benefits that are also safe and suitable for everyday use. Trust a well respected company that prides itself on selecting the best ingredients for you, they have thought about the herbs that go together and why, creating beautiful blends for you and your well-being.