Egyptian Camomile

By Teaology


From the perfect growing conditions of sandy loam and the nutrients of the Nile, we bring you the highest quality Egyptian camomile flowers. Renowned for its many health benefits, camomile makes a great tea on its own but lends itself well to blends such as honey, lime and lemon.

1 teaspoon per cup 

High-quality Egyptian Camomile

Nile River Delta, Egypt

1st Grade, field grown, sun-dried

BAG 25g NET 
Makes 15 - 30 standard cups of tea depending on personal strength of brew

Makes 5 - 10 standard cups of tea depending on personal strength of brew

Health Benefits

  • Camomile

    + Encourages a restful sleep

    Aids muscle relaxation 

    Soothes the stomach and relieves bloating and indigestion

    Camomile is a popular herb that’s used in teas worldwide. Camomile soothes the stomach, relieves bloating and indigestion. Camomile also calms the mind, helps people relax and deal better with their stresses. Some people are allergic to camomile and should avoid taking the tea. People who find it hard to go to sleep should drink a cup of camomile tea before going to bed. Camomile is known to fight insomnia by relaxing the body and the mind, enabling the person to fall asleep naturally.

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