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Choccomint rooibos herbal tea is packed full of goodness and taste, without a hint of guilt for that after dinner treat. Cocoa pieces and organic peppermint are combined with premium rooibos tea to bring you a refreshing, healthy drink that tastes just as good as it sounds. If you're after something a little more decadent, then add milk and you've got yourself a surprisingly similar (but healthier alternative) to your traditional hot chocolate.

1-2 teaspoons per cup 

High-quality rooibos, Peppermint, Calendula petals, Cacao nibs and natural flavours

Cederberg, South Africa

1500 - 2500ft above sea level


BAG 60g NET 
Makes 15 - 30 standard cups of tea depending on personal strength of brew

Makes 5 - 10 standard cups of tea depending on personal strength of brew

Health Benefits


    High in antioxidants - especially flavonoids

     More than 300 phytochemicals

     High mineral content: protein, calcium, carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, magnesium, and sulphur

     Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol

     Helps manage stress


     Fringe benefits: cacao releases anandamide, endorphins, phenylethylamine, and serotonin into the brain

  • Peppermint

    Aids digestion

    Reduces flatulence and digestive issues

    Aids symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and gallstones

    Eases nausea and vomiting - especially motion sickness

    Brings down severity of herpes outbreaks

    Controls muscle aches and chronic pains

    Helps clear congestion and mild coughs

    Help reduce stress

    Helps mild asthma attacks

    Peppermint is a fragrant herb that makes for a soothing drink. Peppermint helps you digest foods better and also reduces flatulence and digestive issues. Peppermint is prescribed to people with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and gallstones in capsules. A cup of peppermint tea will ease nausea and vomiting, especially if you suffer motion sickness. If you have heartburn, don’t drink peppermint tea as this might aggravate your condition. Peppermint tea brings down the severity of herpes outbreaks. The natural mint flavour of the herb helps to freshen your breath. Other health benefits of this tea are control of muscle aches and chronic pain, clearing of congestion and mild coughs, mild asthma and reduction of stress.

  • Rooibos

    + Caffeine free 

    + Contains polyphenol antioxidants including aspalathin and nothofagin 

    + Anit-inflammatory 

    + Safeguards against heart disease 

    + Has anti-mutagenic properties, to help prevent against some cancers 

    + Defends cell DNA 

    + High mineral content: magnesium, calcium & manganese, zinc and iron 

    + Improves circulation 

    + Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol 

    + High levels of flavonoids, including quercetin, to help relieve numerous abdominal ailments such as cramps, diarrhoea and indigestion 

    Helps to aid absorption of iron as there are fewer tannins 

    + Phenylpyretic acid relieves skin condition, which can help to improve acne, psoriasis and eczema 

    + Fights free radicals and can protect against Parkinsons/Alzheimers disease 

    + Encourages a restful sleep due to high mineral content

    Caffeine free 
    The rooibos plant grows naturally without any caffeine. This is important, as it means it does not need to undergo a chemical process to remove the caffeine. It also means that anyone can drink it, including those who do not want to drink caffeine such as children & pregnant women. The other key benefit of no caffeine is that it can be consumed in unrestricted amounts. Some South African’s will consume 5-6 cups per day.

    Contains powerful antioxidants 
    Rooibos tea contains a wide array of antioxidants, which help to protect the body in a number of ways. Two polyphenol antioxidants called aspalathin and nothofagin are found in high concentrations in rooibos tea. These antioxidants protect the body by fighting free radicals. These are unstable cells, which attack healthy cells in order to stabilise themselves. The polyphenols also have anti-inflammatory properties and can safeguard against heart disease.

    Prevents against some cancers 
    Some studies have demonstrated a link between consumption of rooibos tea and a reduction of cancer-causing chemicals. This is because of the high level of dominant antioxidants, some of which have anti-mutagenic (anti-cancer) properties. This means that they defend cells & DNA against damage and inhibit them from developing into cancer.

    High mineral content 
    One of the key health benefits of rooibos tea is that it contains several minerals that are vital to health. These include magnesium (essential for the nervous system), calcium & manganese (essential for strong teeth and bones), zinc (important for metabolism) and iron (critical for helping blood & muscles distribute oxygen).

    Improves circulation 
    One of the many potent antioxidants in rooibos tea is called Chysoeriol. It can improve circulation by preventing the activity of the enzyme that triggers cardiovascular disease. Drinking rooibos tea also has been known to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

    Relieves stomach complaints 
    As rooibos tea contains high levels of flavonoids, especially one called quercetin. It has the ability to relieve numerous abdominal ailments such as cramps, diarrhoea and indigestion. Flavonoids are known help to reduce spasm, inflammation and allergies. It has also been widely stated that the health benefits of drinking rooibos tea extend to alleviating colic in babies, as it is totally caffeine free, it is perfectly safe for them to drink rooibos tea.

    Aids absorption of iron 
    Unlike most black teas, which prevent the body from absorbing iron effectively because of the tannins they contain, rooibos tea benefits and supports the body in absorbing iron. It contains less than half the tannins of black tea.

    Can relieve skin conditions 
    A recent found that rooibos tea can help you to look more beautiful! Rooibos tea contains phenylpyretic acid, which can help to improve acne, psoriasis and eczema. You can apply a freshly brewed and cooled tea bag to the affected areas and it will soothe and heal any inflammation.

    Can protect against Parkinsons/Alzheimers disease 
    Drinking rooibos tea regularly can protect against a process known as lipid peridoxation. This occurs when free radicals damage brain cells and nerve tissue. If this is prolonged, it can lead eventually to progressive and deteriorating brain disease, such as Alzheimer’s.

    Encourages restful sleep 
    Rooibos is unique in that it can be consumed as often as you wish and at any time of day. Many people choose to drink it before bedtime as it can help with insomnia. Due to its high mineral content and lack of caffeine, it’s known to help people to feel calm and relaxed.

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